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Finding a reliable automotive locksmith when your keys are locked in the car, you’ve lost your bike key while on a ride, or you need to program a remote key can be a nightmare. These are the common issues that every car or motorcycle handler may face anywhere in New Jersey.

Try and avoid spending your hard-earned cash at the dealership – instead, use us for all of your automotive needs. Whether you need new locks installed or want to find out how much the cost of a car key replacement is, we’ve got you covered.

Automotive Car Keys is a fast and reliable Auto Locksmith Company in New Jersey that provides quality service and affordable rates. Our staff is skilled to the core to provide you with a range of services, including car lockout services, lock repair services, transponders key replacement, car key replacement, high-security car keys, and more!

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Why Our Auto Locksmiths in New Jersey Stand Out

We don’t like to brag, but we feel that we’re comfortably one of the best automotive lock specialists around. Why? because we’re looking to make our locksmith services as affordable as possible for everyone in New Jersey. We’re also well versed and capable of dealing with a multitude of cars, bikes, SUVs and more no matter what the brand and what the problem is.

Our technicians are equipped with state of the art equipment that make our work not just easier but affordable as well, as it helps reduce service cost and time taken on the job. Ranging from key replacements for your Sedan to ignition repairs for your Harley Davidson, we can help with it all. We’re mobile, and available 24/7 in case of any emergency throughout New Jersey related to any auto locksmith issue.

With over 10 years of experience and happy customers to boot, Give us a Call and we’ll be over in 20 mins with a quote and our experts ready to help with both ease of payment and comfort.

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Car Keys Replacements & Repair

Comprehensive Car Key Replacements for all kinds of emergencies in NJ

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Ignition Repairs & Installations

Ignition Repairs and Installation work for all cars makes anywhere in NJ

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Opening Easy Payment Plans & 24/7 Availability

Locksmith Company with easy payment plans and technicians available 24/7 for all of our customers.

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Need A New Car Key? We Can Help

Do you need a new car key? Repairing an old one can feel like such a headache. That’s why we’re making it easier to get a new set of keys, no matter where you are. We can make you a new car key whether you’re in the middle of nowhere or outside your office. We’ve got you covered, and we’ll make sure that the process is quick and easy on your pocket. We’ll find the right key for your car—every time.

We offer 24/7 emergency service, guarantee on all parts and labour, and free estimates on any job. No more waiting days for a new key and paying a fortune—we’ll come right to you, wherever you are and have you back on the road in no time. Our technicians are trained on the newest car key-making technology, ensuring that our services will fit your needs and provide long-lasting durability. For questions or to make an appointment, call us today!

Our Locksmith Services in New Jersey

Our Automotive Locksmith Services in New Jersey

Auto locksmiths excel in assisting you back in your ride. We’re primarily trained to repair car locks, broken keys, make new keys, key fob programming, or repair. 

Automotive Car Keys offers the most comprehensive Auto locksmith services in New Jersey and surrounding areas. We offer plenty of auto locksmith services for all kinds of vehicles and motorcycles, and they are as follows:

Key Fob Programming

Car theft is a major issue affecting many car owners, especially if they own a highly desirable vehicle like a sports car or Mercedes. Still, if your key fob was stolen, your vehicle can be stolen too. Key Fob Programming is a great way to protect your car from theft by permanently locking out all other user’s keys with the use of a brand new key fob. This process not only ensures that the thief cannot drive away in your vehicle. It also prevents you from being locked out of your vehicle. Key fobs effectively control your car’s doors, trunk, and alarm system, even remotely starting your car from a distance. But what happens when they get lost too? That is where we come in.  

We at Automotive Car Keys specialize in offering emergency car key programming, remote fob repair, and programming. We offer fast services for all vehicle types, regardless of make or model. 

Our key fob reprogramming process takes only seconds to complete. We aim to resolve your key fob programming issue swiftly; we make sure that your remote is ready to use immediately and get you back on the road in no time. 

Car Key Replacement

Lost your car keys? We understand that losing your keys can destroy your day. It’s why we’re here and willing to help. We can tackle any brand of car or motorcycle that you have with affordable key replacements no matter where you are.

Broken Key Extraction

Damaged or broken car keys can not only be frustrating but sometimes impossible to use. Removing your car key from your ignition has to be one of the easiest things around. Still, if your car key doesn’t come out without a tussle, you should consider contacting our professional services at Automotive Car Keys. We get the job done right for you in no time at all. We are experts in key extraction. A broken key can happen to the best of us. Damaged or broken car keys can not only be frustrating but sometimes impossible to use.  

Key Fob Replacement

Have trouble with the key fob for your car, van, or truck? Not sure if you need a key fob battery replacement or if it’s time to purchase a brand new key fob.

Key fob replacement for nonfunctioning smart keys requires a special skill set. At Automotive Car Keys, we keep up with the latest technology so that our technicians can meet customer needs

our mobile auto locksmiths has the knowledge, skills, experience, and specialized equipment to quickly diagnose problems with your car and truck remotes on the spot. We provide on-demand key fob programming for all makes and models of domestic and imported vehicles, and we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with us and our service.

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Reasons to Choose Us 

Normally we let our work do the talking, but we understand that as a vehicle or bike owner you would like the best to work on your property. So we thought we’d detail some things that make us stand out with our Auto Locksmith work, which is just a call away

  • Cost-effective locksmith solutions 
  • Experienced, skilled professionals 
  • Licensed, insured, and bonded 
  • Fast response time 
  • Committed to providing optimal protection 
  • Equipped with the latest tools and techniques 
  • 24 hours 365 days availability 
  • Approved and certified 
  • Free onsite quotes 
  • High-rate customer satisfaction

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Automotive Car Keys are hands down the best auto locksmiths in New Jersey. They're extremely professional, courteous, with great affordable packages

Richard Harrigan

On time, efficient and got me back on my way really quick. Automotive Car Keys are awesome

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A bit late getting there, but I got my Audi Key Replacement in a Jiffy. Automotive Car Keys were worth the call

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