Available for your Car Locksmith Needs in Lakewood, NJ

Finding a reliable and affordable auto locksmith to help you out of a jam like auto lockout can be a real pain. If you are in Lakewood NJ, you can count on us to make sure you get back into your car in no time! 

We at Automotive Car Keys provide high-quality mobile service at an affordable price. Our technicians carry the latest equipment and specific spare parts necessary for any task at hand.

We offer a full line of locksmith services, including ignition replacement, car key replacement, and transponder key programming. Our professional technicians can also re-key most vehicles, including replacing lock cylinders, locks, and other components.

Whether you get lockout of your car at Lakewood Heritage Commission Museum or lose your car key near Ocean County Park, Our team of professional technicians will arrive promptly. They will address the problems quickly and efficiently. You can count on us 24/7. We are proud to offer the most competitive rates in Lakewood and surrounding areas. If you are looking for a reliable locksmith, please contact us today!

Our Auto Locksmith Services in Lakewood, NJ

We pride ourselves on providing auto locksmith work that stands out amongst the crowd in Lakewood, NJ. Our experts deal with all kinds of automotives ranging from SUV’s, model cars and even Lamborghinis (If you have one). We’ve got a team that’s running 24/7 and capable of providing the best in car locksmith work around, no matter the brand as we’ve worked on everything ranging from BMWs to Harley Davidson Motorcycles. Below are some of the more diversified services that we provide.

Car Key Replacement in Lakewood, NJ

If your car key is stolen, broken, and damaged and somehow won’t open the car locks.  The need for car key replacement arises. Car key replacement is the process of obtaining a new key for your car, replacing a broken one, or recovering your lost keys.

We at Automotive car Keys will provide you with car key replacement services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. From the latest car keys and remote head keys to transponder keys and keyless entry remotes, we offer the largest selection in the industry.

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Lakewood Remote Fob Repair & Replacement

More and more people are using remotes to unlock their cars in today’s world. Instead of using the key in their pocket or on their key chain, they use a small remote attached to their keyring. The remote has one button that you push to unlock the car and another button to lock it. These remotes usually come in two different varieties: rolling and fixed codes. Our team of professional technicians has extensive experience working with every remote fob.

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Best Key Programming & Fob Replacement in Lakewood, NJ

Want to program, renew or reflash ECU and PCM of your car keys and unsure who to trust. Hiring an auto repair shop is no guarantee for quality work either. Many shops will charge you for ECU programming or Key Fob remote programming, then skip the task entirely. That’s not just a waste of money — it’s a safety hazard. With us at Automotive Car keys, you can have peace of mind knowing that your car is in safe hands with programming that is easy on the wallet and on the car itself. 

Motorcycle Locksmith Lakewood, NJ

Losing your motorcycle keys can be frustrating, especially if it occurs during the evening or on the weekend. You may not be able to find a nearby locksmith that can help you out immediately. However, we at Automotive Car Keys strive to respond quickly to your emergency and make sure you get a replacement key as soon as possible. We understand that time is of the essence in these situations, so we will do whatever is necessary to get your key situation resolved.

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Locked Out of Your Car in Lakewood, NJ?

Every year, thousands of people in the United States have their car keys stolen. Automotive lockouts can be stressful—a car lockout results from an inability to open a vehicle because of a malfunctioning or damaged lock. If you are experiencing a car lockout, don’t panic, Automotive Car Key is always here to help you out.

Accidentally locking your keys inside the vehicle can be a frustrating moment. So keep us at your speed dial, so you know who to call without letting the panic storm in. struggling to open your car lock with wires is not worth it in Lakewood, NJ, when you can have a professional auto locksmith is at your disposal 24 hours. Contact our emergency locksmith now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits of Hiring Us?

Automotive locksmiths have been specifically trained to work with the various vehicles they will encounter throughout their careers. They know how to repair and replace car doors, ignition systems, and more. Professional automotive locksmiths are always equipped with advanced tools to provide quick services to their clients at their convenience. This means you’ll be able to get the best service possible when you hire one for your vehicle needs.

How much does It Cost for an Auto Locksmith in Lakewood NJ?

The average cost for an auto locksmith to program a new remote start key fob into your vehicle is about $50-$80, with some companies charging more than double that amount. But it is important to know that this price can vary depending on where you live and the type of vehicle you have.

What are Auto Locksmiths in Lakewood Help with?

If you have locked your keys in your car, or you have broken the key off in the ignition of your car, you might be able to save yourself hundreds of dollars by calling a locksmith rather than taking the car to a mechanic.

Auto locksmith not only gets you out of the car, but he can also make a new key for your car and motorcycle. The auto industry is constantly evolving for your security, so auto locksmiths are trained to keep up with the latest car technology.

About Lakewood, NJ

Lakewood is located in western New Jersey, adjacent to Lake Carasaljo. The city was incorporated in 1898 and has been a popular town ever since, and it is rated as the safest city. With over 70,000, Lakewood is a diverse community with big-city amenities while still retaining small-town charm and friendliness. Looking for automotive locksmith services in Lakewood, NJ? Look no further than Automotive Car keys. When you call us, you will get an expert who knows how to find the best solution for your situation