Have you ever wondered why car doors lock when you shift into drive? It’s a feature that auto manufacturers add in response to the many fatal accidents that occur each year. This is done to ensure that children don’t open car doors while the car is in shift (even if the driver hasn’t moved it). Let’s see what actually happens when the automatic locking system engages, as told by our auto locksmiths in new jersey

Why Does It Happen?

In many cases, people often shift into drive instead of park, especially when others are still boarding it. As a result, the car starts moving, which may cause serious injuries. However, car manufacturers have placed automatic locking mechanisms in vehicles to prevent such issues.

This mechanism acts as a safeguard. For instance, if you’re already in the driving seat and are planning to exit onto the road, you’ll put the car in shift. But what if your children playing in the garage come to say goodbye or suddenly decide they want to go with you?

The car locking mechanism will lock all doors, making it impossible for them to open the doors. They can only open the doors when you’ve put your car into park. Hence, preventing them from accidentally opening the door while the car is on its way.

In addition, what if you’re in a parking space, about to go on your way, and suddenly a mugger approaches your car and tries to open the doors? But since you’ve already placed your car in shift, the doors will lock, making it easier for you to pedal away and call the cops.

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How Does Automatic Door Locking Work?

A car’s automatic door locking system uses sensors to detect whether the driver’s door is ajar. Automatic door locking systems are activated by door handle sensors installed near the top of each door. When the driver steps on the brake, it triggers a sensor in the tail light assembly (near the rear license plate) that alerts the control module in the car. The module then sends a signal to lock all of the doors.

This type of system can be useful to people driving and unable to reach their door handle to lock it manually. It can also help prevent theft and deter accidents. For example, parents may appreciate automatic locking when their kids ride in the front seat or sedan with power locks.

The system can be helpful if you’re carrying packages or other items that restrict your ability to reach your door handle or if you’re carrying a child in your arms and don’t want to set him down before grabbing the handle and locking up. 

The system can also be useful if you’re visiting an unfamiliar area and have to run back into your vehicle for something you forgot. Automatic door locks make it quick and easy for you to get back behind the wheel without worrying that your car might have been broken into while you were gone.

What Are The Benefits Of Automatic Car Door Locks

Now that you know what an automatic car door lock is and how does it work, it’s time to look at some of the amazing perks it brings:

Enhances Safety for the Driver

When the driver puts the car into shift, it locks the doors. It means the driver won’t accidentally open the door from the inside, nor can anyone open the door from the outside. It’s beneficial, especially when someone unauthorized tries to enter the vehicle.

Protects Children

Another great advantage of this function is that it prevents children from injuries. For instance, your children sit in the back seat and can open the door or push each other out. In that case, the automatic door lock prevents such a situation.

In the same way, anyone from the outside can’t open the door. May it be one of your children or someone else? In this manner, your children remain safe.

Protects Belongings

Often, you’re unaware that someone might be keeping an eye on your movement. A mugger may try and take out your belongings or get in your car using the back doors. However, all such issues can be mitigated with the automatic door. 

You can keep your belongings inside, and the mugger won’t open the door. Moreover, no one will be able to enter the car too.

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Drawbacks Of Automatic Car Door Locks

In some cases, the automatic locking mechanism saves lives. It prevents drivers from accidentally shifting into driving and moving their cars while they’re still getting inside. In other cases, it can lead to tragic consequences.

Doors Can’t be Unlocked

Unless you’re putting the vehicle in park, the doors won’t get unlocked. It can become a hassle if you have to get out of the car in a hurry or if your child is trapped inside. Opening the doors will not be possible, and you’ll have to either put the vehicle in park or break the door open.

It can’t open Unless In Park

This brings us to the previous point. Even when the car isn’t going anywhere, you can’t turn it off and unlock the doors when you’re not in park. This makes it a hassle since some people often panic and put the pedal on the metal, resulting in an accident.

In most cases where exiting the vehicle is crucial, not having the wits to put the car in parking will leave you trapped in the vehicle, resulting in fatal results.

Can You Disable The Automatic Door Locks?

An automatic door lock is somewhat a hassle for most people, so they often opt for disabling it. If you want to disable your automatic door lock system, simply long-press the power button on the primary door.

The horn of your vehicle will chirp a little. Next, you’ll have to turn the ignition off to enable and disable the mechanism. The horn will chirp again. Then, you can sit in the car and check if the mechanism is turned off or not.

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